Travelling by train is not only using a mean of transportation: travelling by train means that moving from a destination to another is part of that trip.

Different from other means such as plane or car, travelling over the rails allows us to relax while we go through amazing landscapes or monumental cities. Windows are like improvised frames of these exceptional landscapes.

In order to make the most of train travelling, we have to take into account some aspects which we explain in the next paragraphs.

Destination choice

Sometimes the destination is defined because we want to go to this specific place or we have to start our trip there, but this time we’re talking about planning a trip having into account that the route is part of it. So first at all, before starting to search for the train tickets, we should check a map where we can see the different railway routes of the country we want to visit.

This way, for example, we can choose a coastal route to be amazed through the windows by the hugeness of Mediterranean Sea, or planning a train travel to Madrid to enjoy not only the beauty of the Spanish capital, but also the charming mix of modernity and tradition of Zaragoza, the magnificence of Ebro River and the captivating landscapes of the meseta.

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The choice of the time of the route

When we travel just to go from a place to another, the haste to get to the destination, together with the cost of the ticket, are the main priorities in our choice.

However, in a train travel the time we spend travelling could be more an advantage than a disadvantage.

Even though nowadays we can go through France and Spain in just hours depending on the destination, choosing remote cities such as a Barcelona-Paris route, give us time to spend in hobbies that otherwise we wouldn’t be able to do.

How many times have you desired having some hours to finish the book that lays over your nightstand? or writing in your personal notebook? are you looking for a moment to watch the last episodes of your favourite TV show? In a long-distance train,you can do all that comfortably and without interruptions.


Travelling alone and travelling with family or even children are really different experiences. Depending on the company, you’ll have to attend certain necessities or just recline your seat and enjoy the travel.

If you’re travelling with children there’s no problem in short-distances. But in long-distances, having a Tablet or an activity book to entertain them will be really helpful to guarantee a comfortable travel. Additionally, you don’t have to care be concerned of running out of battery in case you’re using electronic devices because there are sockets and charging points.

Furthermore, another great advantage of travelling by train is you can carry big sized luggage. Different from other means such as the plane, size and weight restrictions are lower, so you and all your companions will be able to travel with all what you need.

The choice of the amenities

We insist: a fully enjoyable trip starts (or should start) at the very first moment you getinto the transportation mean: why carry sandwiches or flavourless snacks if you can enjoy service of cafeteria and catering?

Why don’t choose a train where we can enjoy a delicious coffee in a Parisian style while you watch the landscape from your seat?

In all these details are the differences that make of travelling by train a great experience.