Eating in a restaurant shouldn’t be used as an excuse for eating unhealthy meals. Follow these tips properly, but you will not only enjoy your meal more, you will also feel satisfied and extremely happy when you are done. About 200,000 table side restaurants exist today in the United States, and the number keeps growing. But like fast foods outlets, these restaurants can be ticking time bomb when it comes to having nutritional health. A government survey has discovered that the food you need in a fast food outlet is nutritionally worse in every aspect than the food you eat at home. Almost all the chains have included options to their menu list. You may know how to look for good nutritionally healthy restaurants like Rip’N Reef, but you can as well rely on these tips to help make eating in a restaurant a healthier treat.

Make enquires on how the food was prepared

Don’t go by the menu, for example cholesterol free doesn’t really mean fat-free. The dish in focus can be filled with oil having so many calories. Also, “lite” doesn’t really mean light in fats or calories. So, make inquiries about the foods before you opt for anyone on the menu list.

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Ask to triple the vegetables

A sight of vegetables in a restaurant is usually a carrot, garnish and a forkful of squash. When making an order, ask for three or four times the normal vegetables serving, and also offer to pay extra.

Beware of low carb options

Most restaurant chains have jumped on the low carb wagon group. Offering many low carb options on their menu. But low carb doesn’t necessarily mean low cal. So, be careful and be sure of what you eat.

Try double appetizers

If seafood and appetizers of vegetable sources are available, you can as well skip the entrée while you take two appetizers for your meal. In most times, that is just enough to get you filled up.

Before ordering anything else, always go for a salad first

Scientist at Pennsylvania State Universities discovered that volunteers who ate a big vegetable salad before the original course ate a fewer number of calories than those that didn’t take first-course salad (Novick)

Skip the fancy drinks

If you must use an alcoholic drink, forget the pina coladas, the margaritas, and other exotic mixed drinks. They include sugar adds that can only add calories. Choose a vodka, a glass of wine, a light beer or a simple martini (without the sour green apple schnapps, chocolate liquor or triple sec)