If you are going on a sailing vacation for the very first time, then you would be thinking about the things to pack for the vacation. The things to pack for sailing vacations will vary according to the type of sailing boat, the area of sailing, the skipper of the boat and their expertise and also your preferences. The following are some of the useful tips to guide you to carry the essentials needed for a sailing vacation.

  • Clothes

There is no doubt that you should carry clothes with you. But, the type of clothes you need to carry will vary depending on the location you are going to sail and also the weather in the sailing area. If you are going during the summer time, then you need to carry T-shirts, shorts, casual dresses for evening and night walks, towels, and of course, swimsuits. If it is winter time, then you need to carry hoodies, jackets, sweaters, etc. It would be a good idea to carry a windproof jacket on your sailing vacations to be safe during the strong winds. A pair of deck shoes is a must. This will ensure safe footing on the board. Summer time calls for sun hats, sunscreens, dark sunglasses, etc. It is better to choose soft luggage bags to carry all your dress and other accessories than using the hard bags and suitcases. The soft bags are easier to store on the sailing boats.

  • Necessary Documents

If you are embarking on a sailing vacation in foreign countries, then make sure you carry a valid passport and identity card. It is also important to get a travel visa when traveling to foreign countries. Make sure you insure your personal belongings when going on a sailing vacation. Carrying the vacation insurance documents will be ideal. If you have plans to rent out motorcycle or cars on your vacation spots, then do not forget to carry your international driving license.

  • Money

Using plastic cash is the best and the safe option for sailing vacations. But, you need to also carry some money along with credit and debit cards. You can always use the ATMs to withdraw local currency using your credit cards. As some of the tiny and remote ports would not be having banks or accept cards, you need to carry some local currency while sailing.

It is better to carry some essential toiletries with you as they might be costlier at the harbor side stores. Make sure you also carry your prescribed medicines, antiseptic cream, insect repellent, travel sickness pills, etc., for your sailing trips.