You have already planned for the next days, which you are about to spend in Oman. You have your flight ticket ready and the plane is going to leave the ground within few hours. Before you start your mazing and memorable journey, it is time that you learn a bit more about the Oman trip. For that, and to make this journey easily accessible, make sure to check out the things to do while in your stay in Oman.

  • A trip to Royal Opera House Muscat: You need to keep some time free in your hand and visit the Royal Opera House Muscat. The same architects, who were responsible for building Grand Mosque, have constructed this structure. If you want to admire the harmonious beauty of marble, this place should be in your list.
  • Grand Mosque: This happens to be another interesting place, which must fall in the to-do list of your Oman trip. It is imposing from outside and the glorious piece is the finest example of modern Islamic architecture. It was a gift from Sultan Qaboos to the nation for making his 30th year of reign.
  • Go for hiking in Gulf’s Mountains: If you want to sweat a bit while on your journey to Oman, then you can easily enroll for the mountain trekking in this segment. You get the opportunity to join with a group and trek to the highest mountain peak in Gulf.
  • Sand dune expenditure:  To be up close to the sand dunes, you can easily book a car from the main cities in Oman and go for the sand dune expenditure. This memorable ride will be in your mind forever.

For enjoying any of these items in your Oman trip, make sure that you go for prior booking. These places and things to do are high in demand in most of the tourists’ lists.