Every year thousands of day-trip visitors converge on the Maya Bay – the small tropical island on the Andaman Sea where the famous movie called The Beach was shot. Tourists arrive here either by speedboats, sailboats, or long-tails. Listed below are a few tips to help you plan best for the Maya Bay tours.

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  • Take a Private Long-Tail Boat: Take a private long-tail boat rather than a speedboat. In the event that you have a group of people, attempt to lease a whole boat for yourself. You will save at least 50% of your money, and the more people you get to the trip, the more you can share the cost by.
  • You Only Need A Half Day: Don’t go for a full day trip; it would be overload. You need hardly 2 to 3 hours for the entire trip and a half-day tour would be more than enough. The boat will take you nearby to see Viking Cave, perfect snorkeling water, and Monkey beach as well.
  • Bring Snorkel Gear: Make sure all snorkel kits and tools will be available on the boat and ask for the boat driver to bring some more water with him in the morning since it gets hot once the sun rises. Likewise, ensure he brings a water-safe sack for cameras and cell phones to take up to the beach. Try not to bring something besides that! Wearing a sarong and swimsuit is all you need.
  • Start Your Trip Early: Go early in the morning, say about 6 A.M. If you don’t beat the massive crowds, there’s simply no point in going.
  • There’s More Than Just Maya Bay on Most Tours: There is nothing on Maya bay in terms of drink and food, so it’s not somewhere to hang out.
  • Book More Tours Through Your Boat Driver: If you like your boat driver, try to book other tours directly through him.