Do you love the water and are looking for a new sport to enjoy? Consider the fun and benefits of kayaking. It’s always great to take your exercise routine outside when the weather permits. Kayaking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors and enjoy a sport that is easy to master in a short period of time. Follow these recommendations from the professional kayakers to jump start your kayaking fun.

Before purchasing a kayak, check out the options for rentals at your local lake marinas. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and check out the selection and value Sams Club offers on kayaks.  While affordable, both new and used, kayaks do present a draw back in that they can be cumbersome to transport. It’s also a good idea to try out a new sport with rental equipment before investing in equipment of your own. Kayaking is truly as easy as it looks.

The benefits of kayaking go beyond simply enjoying the beautiful outdoors and stunning lake tours. Upper body and core strength are both required for rigorous paddling. Muck like walking and running, you have the choice of rapid rowing or gently coasting when in a kayak. Many elect a combination of the two. For beginners, angle the kayak nearly parallel with the shore line, lay the paddle in the kayak, grab the kayak well on both sides and step into the kayak. Sit, retrieve the paddle and push off of the shore.  Hold the paddle with your hands gripped shoulder width apart. The paddle should enter the water parallel with your feet close to the side of the kayak. This will offer the greatest pull with the least resistance.  Knees are slightly bent; feet are on the foot braces. Back is straight.

It is recommended to ask a friend to join you as your learn to kayak. Inexperienced kayakers on the water alone can run into difficulties. When other water craft create wakes, turn your kayak such that you are facing the waves and ride over them. Do not paddle parallel with the waves no matter how small they are if you are an inexperienced kayaker. Be sure to wear a life vest with a whistle at all times.