It does not take a lot of time to handle regular upkeep of a Sterndrive, and when you retain to some regular maintenance routine, it’ll extend the existence from the engine, improve performance, and you will save cash on servicing and spares.

General maintenance procedures for any Sterndrive, for example inspection, cleaning, lube, and adjustment, is comparatively simple to do. If you need to do more complicated maintenance tasks, you should make reference to the manufacturer’s instructions, in order to a professional, Sterndrive spares with videos website, but here is a listing from the fundamental maintenance tasks that you ought to perform regularly.

Check fluid levels regularly

Among the simplest preventative maintenance checks that can be done is to determine the fluid levels regularly. Should you look into the Sterndrive and engine lubricants regularly, you’ll able identify issues before they become serious. Should you ever see milky white-colored fluid on the dip-stick, for instance, this means that water gets in to the system which is actually a problem that needs to be investigated immediately.


There are a variety of points on the Sterndrive that require lubricating regularly. The most crucial of fundamental essentials tilt and trim mechanism, the drive shaft, and also the gimbal housing. Regular lube will lessen the friction during these points, therefore it will reduce deterioration, and can assist in preventing corrosion.

Inspect the belts and hoses

Inspect hoses and belts regularly to check out any indications of corrosion on clamps, or put on around the hoses and belts. Should you choose use whatever hint of problems with belts and hoses, it’s wise to exchange them immediately, just because a belt that slips or perhaps a burst hose could make you stranded. Its also wise to always carry spares along with you.

Eliminate the Raw Water Cooling Circuit

Drain and flush the raw water cooling unit regularly, particularly if you make use of your boat in brine.

Alter the lubricant within the engine and stern drive

Acids which are created by combustion along with other contaminates can soon develop in lubricants, and that’s why you should alter the engine and stern drive lubricants regularly. Along with the corrosive damage that contaminated lubricants may cause, contaminates may also lessen the lubricating qualities of lubricants.

Check and fully charge the batteries

The main one factor that drains the batteries on the boat probably the most may be the starter motor, and without you could be stranded, so keep your batteries fully billed and well-maintained.

Check and switch the fuel filters

Most motorboats have several fuel filter, that ought to be checked regularly and also the filter elements ought to be replaced if needed.

Transporting out regular upkeep of a Sterndrive engine isn’t different to that particular required for a vehicle. The main difference is, however, if you do not take excellent care a marine engine, you will not remain stranded beside the street you’ll be left stranded on water, which may be much more serious.