Dubai with its elegant buildings and its hot weather is one of the most visited holiday destinations in the world. The burning sun first rises on the glittery desert and then falls on the city that sprung out from the sand and made a name for it.

Reasons why you should take Morning Desert Safari

1) Beautiful Skyscrapers and experiencing the Arab culture

When in Dubai you get to experience all those exotic things that you always wanted to do. You can have henna applied or you can eat those Masala Kebabs you always wanted to. Dubai is your city to visit if you are wanderer at heart. If you wake up early and want to take an adventure, for example, ride a horse or a camel than morning safari is your best option. You can ride with the challenge of getting ahead of the sun with the red sparkling sands of Lahbab under your horses/camels feet.

2) Adventures for thrill seekers

Dubai has a range of adventures for you planned from Dune bashing to sandboarding. These activities are designed to leave you breathless and seeking for more. You get to drive those powerful SUVs while dune bashing. It may seem scary but is not. You may consider going for it in the morning as it may seem more exciting if you take a round while the sun is still a bit sleepy and not fully risen. Sandboarding is a bit more extreme for people and is only offered in only a few countries other than Dubai. It is the same as snow-boarding but is exciting as you get to glide on the red glittery sand while the sun rises in front of you. The morning Safari is best for these kinds of people who love seeing the sunrise and are up to the challenge of taking risks at that moment.

3) Capturing the best Pictures

If you are an early riser then you can select a morning desert safari instead of a night/evening one as it may suit you better. You get to take pictures with Falcons with the sun rising behind you and the red sand glittering underneath your feet or you can even go quad bike riding. In the end, it all depends on your preference.

If we missed any adventure or a reason that you prefer Morning Desert Safari Dubai, then please inform us about it in the comments section below