When we think about luxury holidays in Asia, Far East, Chinese wall and Japanese flowering cherry trees come to our mind. But Asia is much more. In the biggest continent in the planet we can find from the maximum exoticism in Thailand, to the most magical desert in Middle East, where several jewels such as the surroundings of Death Sea are waiting for us.

Death Sea: a sea of cultures

Territories surrounding the peculiar Death Sea are three different countries: Israel, Jordan and Palestine. Three countries that define its ecosystem: mix of culture, roots and modernity.

Death Sea is called like this because of the lack of marine life caused by its high level of salinity. But despite being a hostile environment for aquatic life, it’s a wonderful place for all those who want to enjoy a gratifying swim in its waters, nutrient-rich and full of properties that make it a first level natural spa.

Attributes of Death Sea waters are not only noticeable in a healthy bath for our skin. They are also perceptible through astonishing landscapes with curious saline formations, where potash, gypsum, bromide and salt make amazing crystalline stalactites when the waters of its edge evaporate.

Petra y Wadi Rum: jewels from the south

Death Sea surroundings have true jewels besides the impressive saline landscapes and the fusion of oriental and occidental cultures we can find in the complex spas, which are not only in the biblical sea as we’ll see.

South of the Sea, a few kilometers away we find the cityof Petra: a genuine archeological jewel you have to visit at least once in your life. It’s recognized as one of the New7Wonders of the World and World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Petra isn’t a city of stone, but a stone made city: monumental constructions bored and carved in the hillsides of the place make of this city a real homage to geology.

If we continue our ride to the south we’ll find another natural jewel: Wadi Rum. A desert valley of granite and sandstone where Lawrence of Arabia settled its operational hub, being also the set of the film with the same title and many other blockbusters such as Mission to Mars, Red Planet and, recently, The Martian.

Nowadays, Wadi Rum is an astonishing geological group where we can do some adventure ecotourism and, as we introduced before, enjoy of a natural spa in the pools located on the top of its formations.