When travelling in campervan from Perth, the south is definitely the best place you take. The far distance of the North, the harsh weather condition, the unfavorable roads, not to talk of the long stretches of nothingness. The best past of Western Australia is definitely the South West as it has a variety of things and beautiful sceneries and a chance to see breathtaking expanse of things nature has to offer.

You can start the trip by making a long drive to Margret River, where you can perhaps spend about 3 nights of scenic routes and attractions you would not want to be separated from. There is a lot to explore in this region. Margret River is definitely a diverse place for exploration; just four hours from Perth, the adventure can begin here. There are also great wineries across this region and yes! There are no crocodiles in the waters of this region but however, you might need to be extra careful about the sharks if you plan to go for a swim in the waters though.

From here, you can proceed to Bridgetown, a 3 towns’ border also with great sceneries, then from there, you can proceed to Albany. In Albany, there are wind farms, beautiful beaches, the Nature reserve, the Blow Hole and several other fascinations as you move on to the next phase of your drive. You can spend the night in Albany too as there are great hotels ad lodges around where you can enjoy then nightlife and their exquisite foods.

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However, there is the chance to make an eight hours long drive to Esperance, the next stop from Perth but it is really not advisable as the stress of driving that long can be very stressful and make one easily lose focus of the road. If you want to take the big dive and go for eight straight hours nonetheless, you can take a break every two hours and stretch your legs, then look for great places to perhaps take coffee or any refreshment.

Nevertheless, the estimated five hours drive to Esperance is an amazingly great one; you get to see the Pink Lake in its beauty and like its name implies, the lake should be the 9th wonder of the world. The twilight beach, Cape Le Grand National Park and the Lucky Bay are definitely enough to make you want to stay over schedule for the number of days you’ve planned. It’s that amazing! The Great Ocean Drive has such a breathtaking view that you would be tempted to just park, and bask in its view. The town is absolutely stunning and a crowd favorite. From here, you can either decide to take the few hours’ straight drive back to Perth, or continue far South or North.

If you want to go a little farther south, you can try to check out the places and regions where you can watch the starts and see the transformation of day to nighttime. Somewhere between Albany and Denmark, you can get cottages and lodges where will get moderate prices to stay the night, and enjoy nature in its best forms. If stars are not out, the moon will be and you get the chance to check out the moon rise times and the moon phases, transformations, until the full moon comes out. From here, you can head back to Perth or again, try to satisfy your urges for a great road trip and go farther out.

It is important to note as a caution however, that the wildlife in the Southern side are a bit unruly, so it is important to take great patience while driving so and not to run the animals over. The Kangaroos and Koalas come out mainly at dawn and dusk{ they will be seen running around at all times} particularly while driving through the forests.

Coral Bay, Learmonth, Kalbarri, Monkey Mia, Ningaloo, Pinnacles, Jurien Hopetown and Waverock are other places you can check out and get amazing and unforgettable adventures. However, it all depend on the budget you have made for the trip, how long you want the road trip to take, and so many other considerations you would have to make to seal your decision of whether to go farther in your campervan or not.