Spain, located in the southwest of Europe, is a nation rich in history, art and above all in its unique culture that make this place a very pleasant destination for traveling.Every year, millions of tourists decide to travel to Spain, turning it into one of the most important tourist centers in Europe. Actually, it’s the third most visited country in the old continent.

Here you have some top destinations in Spain to enjoy its beaches, nightlife, cultural monuments and most important museums that attract the attention of people from all over the world.


The capital of Catalonia, the second largest and most important city in Spain and probably the most known city in the whole country. This city is used to receiving tourist from all over the world, so finding apartments in Barcelona for rent isn’t usually too complicated.

The city offers an imposing architecture, shopping, gastronomy, art and a boiling cultural life. You can startby visiting the Picasso Museum which contains more than 3800 works of his collection. Other places to consider isLas Ramblas, a place to appreciate the architecture and culture of the place and be surprised with the shows that take place on the street. This avenue is a symbol of Barcelona where fun does never rest. The Gothic Quarter is also a must, with its narrow streets looking like labyrinths and its 14th century cathedral.


The city of Toledo is the Spanish pride for being chosen as a world heritage by UNESCO. This city is known for gathering three different cultures in just one area during difficult times in Spanish history. It presents the combination of Arabs, Christians and Jews which gave rise to numerous artistic works and a very particular architecture.

Toledo presents a variety of synagogues, churches, mosques and monasteries unique in the world. There are also interesting monuments such as Alcázar de Toledo or the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes. Toledo is definitely the perfect destination for antique architecture lovers.

Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is one of the most visited places of all Spain. Touristsgo there every year looking for some relaxing holiday as well as to explore the charm the Mediterranean island.

This region offers countless sites for tourists such as museums, monuments, churches, parks… together with the beautiful beaches that offer great landscapes and a wide range of water activities.


Ibiza is an island located northeast of the coast of Spain, next to Mallorca. One of the major attractions of Ibiza is its nightlife, which has made it very famous. But moreover, Ibiza is full of small, little and relaxing corners that far away from the crazy nightlife offer you a chill out environment.


Tenerife is the second largest island of the Canary Islands, which belong to Spain. Once in the islandyou can visit the capital city: Puerto de la Cruz, a beautiful and very picturesque city, from its streets to its historic buildings. You can also visit Loro Park, known for being home to a variety of unique parrots in the world as well as being the largest habitat of dolphins in Europe, within the park you will find various species of animals. But above all, the beaches of Tenerife are paradisiacaland ideal to rest.

This are just 5 destinations that this amazing country offers, but obviously there are many more. Just take your time to discover them!