Whether you’re planning a trip for couples, families, friends, or you’re a single traveler in Orlando, the city packs outstanding attractions and fun activities. However, you’ll still need to get your way around while visiting this amazing city in Central Florida. For visitors on holiday to the city, finding a car rental is very vital. Basically, you need to book your car in advance so as to keep off any hold up on your arrival. There are various car rental services in Orlando, and this is why you need to do some research before you choose one. The following are 5 tips on renting a car in Orlando.

  1. Look out for those hidden fees

You should look out for unexpected charges and fees. They may have some significant impact on the entire cost of your vacation. For instance, find out if the rental company you select will charge you extra amount for picking up the car from the airport. It’s important to read between the lines before signing your car rental in Orlando.

  1. Prohibitive excess kilometers charges

Find out if there’s limitation to the distance you are allowed to drive the rental car, for instance 450 kilometers. If so, ensure that you peruse the rental agreement to discover what’s going to happen were you to exceed that limit. Before renting a car in Orlando, check out how much the company will potentially charge you for this. While a number of car rental in Orlando companies impose only reasonable extra fees, others may tack hefty charges to your overall bill.

  1. Keep drivers to a limit

When traveling with a group of friends, it’s natural that everybody requires spending some bit of their time driving. You may consider adding everybody to the car rental agreement as authorized driver. But you should instead avoid doing this when you need to keep down the costs. Note that the more drivers you add to your car rental in Orlando agreement, the more the hire is going to cost. Therefore, keeping a limit of two drivers is going to make sure you do not end up spending more than necessary.

  1. Do not forget about fuel

One vital factor most people forget to take into account when they’re renting a car in Orlando is its fuel efficiency. While you may end up receiving some attractive rate for a specific kind of vehicle, basically this may end up eventually costing you more when the car is specifically a fuel guzzler.

Therefore, you should check car rental sites for details concerning fuel consumption figures of the car.

  1. Size also matters in Orlando car rental

As a general rule of the thumb, apart from luxury and sports cars, the smaller the car, the cheaper the rental fees. When trying to save as much as possible when renting a car, it’s quite tempting to book the smallest car available for the cheapest rate possible.

When there’s only one or two people, and you are traveling light, this is going to be simple. But space can pose a real issue when traveling with friends, family members, or kids. Ensure that you consider the size of the car with the traveling party when choosing Green Motion car rental in Orlando.